The Spiritual Heart:
Gateway to Accessing Metaphysical Knowledge
For Your Life.


The Spiritual Heart is the Metaphysical Heart - connecting Mind, Body, and Spirit. It is the gateway - the "wormhole" if you will - bringing the spiritual into your physical life experience.

Before you can "know" and apply the metaphysical aspects of mind and body, you must open the gateway to spirit and experience heart intelligence, inner guidance, inner peace and well being.

Fortunately, there are many, many ways to open the spiritual gateway of the Heart.

There are the traditional spiritual practices, such as meditation and prayer. Or physical exercises such as QiGong and Yoga. The gateway to Spirit can also be opened through appreciation of music, art, and nature.

Love relationships with friends, family, pets, God, or planet Earth are powerful ways to open and expand the gateway of the Spiritual Heart if done properly and without limiting beliefs about yourself and others.

But the most direct way to experience your connection to Spirit and learn the truth about yourself, is to simply ask.

Especially if you find yourself challenged by life situations and experiences - that is the best time to focus your awareness on the Heart center and ask it for the truth about yourself, others, and the physical manifestations of your Mind.

You can start doing this when you start Creating A Mind With Heart.

Once you have personal experience with opening the gateway of the spiritual Heart and have learned how to listen to the voice of your own Soul or Spirit, you might find your understanding of metaphysics (the true nature of reality) is greatly enhanced.

You will find that the Heart is indeed much, much more than a muscle pumping blood through the physical body.

You can explore some of the many ways to open the gateway of your Spiritual Heart by clicking the links below. 

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~~ Heart Intelligence: a higher level of intelligence that supports physical, mental and emotional well being. The human heart emits an electromagnetic field that surrounds the entire body and extends at least fifteen feet in every direction. This field sends signals to every cell in the body, affecting physical, mental, and emotional health and well being. 

~~ Receive Healing Messages From A Mind With Heart.
A mind with heart, directed by spirit, can deliver powerful healing messages in the form of words and images that inspire, empower, and open the gateway of the Heart. 

~~ The Attitude of Gratitude:
Gratitude is the key to open the spiritual gateway of the Heart. 








































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