What Our Students Have to Say:

Bright blessings.

I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Catherine W Dunne and Angela Hutcheon for their wisdom, knowledge and inspiration. Their abilities as instructors have made learning, understanding and retention has been an incredibly life altering event. My life has been greatly enriched by these two amazing paragons of the healing and Reiki community. I would like to extend my gratitude.

Love, light, harmony and peace.

Rev  Eric G C Blank Frederick, Maryland, USA  7/1/17





Message: I recently just finished the Pleiadian Course with Angela Hutcheon. First the course had a wealth of information that brought a greater awareness to the Pleiadian history and how they are helping humanity. Second, I received each level attunement personally with Angela and each attunement took me to a whole new level of clearing, healing and vibration. Together we both experienced some amazing visions and energy transmissions that led to some surprise visits from higher realm beings and guides. Angela is very connected to Universe and its energy and it was an honor to work with her. It was an amazing experience and I highly recommend.

Garret Petrov Nevada, USA  6/28/17




Re: Angela Lemurian Seed Course:

Lemurian Seed Crystals: The attunements during times course had a strong and remarkable effect on my intuition. I definitely loved that Angela did every attunement as a one on one energy transmission. I felt them very strong. Thank you Angela, for being there with your answers before and after each attunement. That's fairly not standard in energy works, but to be marked as wonderful.

Thorsten Dahlmann  10/14/15




Re: Catherine W. Dunne

Chakra – Tapping - Course

Well: Before taking the Chakra Tapping course with Catherine Dunne I disliked EFT and did not do much about it. She really convinced me during that course that the combination of EFT and chakra work is a therapy that is more than useful for most of us. Catherine answered even questions I did not know I had. I really encourage everyone who reads this review to try it out. Thank you, Catherine, for being such a great teacher.

Thorsten Dahlmann  10/14/15




To who so ever It may Concern:

I am a student of Aumvedas online school and I have done various courses from the school .-

1. Pendulum Course conducted by Ms. Catherine W Dunne

2.Atlantis Healing System By Ms. Angela Hutcheon

3.Reflexology course conducted by MS. Lynn Martel (RIP)

I have taken almost 15 Attunements from Angela Hutcheon and I must say all the course I have done and all the Attunements I have taken had been a wonderful learning experience for me always. I am very happy the way school is running and the courses has been taught. I recommend all the teachers and this school to who so ever wishes to do any courses from this school.

I have personally and for my family members have taken 6 chakra healing from Ms Catherine w. Dunne and I must say she is the best Chakra Healer in the world. Her healings and her readings are all 99 % correct and effective.

Hope this helps to the teachers and the school and the healing modalities taken in this school.

Thanks & Regards

Neer - India      11/15/15




Re: Angela Hutcheon

I just want to say that I have taken many certification courses with Angela including The Atlantean Crystal Activation, Crystal Therapy and Healing Training/Crystal Master Teacher, The Atlantis Healing System (all 4 Degrees), Light of Lemuria Reiki and Telos Reiki Healing System, along with numerous Attunements! Learning from Angela was one of the most profound experiences of my life! It has given me many life altering and life changing experiences. Her teaching is broken down so it is understandable, she is always there to answer questions, provided one on one help if there is something you are struggling with, and Angela has always been there every step of the way providing unconditional support for her students. You don’t only get Angela as the amazing teacher that she is, but you gain a lifelong mentor and friend and is always there for you to reach out to if you have any questions after the courses are completed. I have received many attunements from Angela, and I can tell you this, the energy that this woman has is beyond mind blowing. Through the attunement process I have had experiences that I would not even have dreamed of, I have been places via meditation with her, she has lead me to astral via the attunements (not intended) but her energy exchange is so powerful it is hard to find words to describe. Every single time, I got the halo crawl minutes before she would even begin. For those who don’t know what the halo crawl is, it’s that feeling you get at your crown chakra that feels like millions of little tiny bugs crawling over your scalp. However, with Angela’s attunements, I got the feeling over my entire body to the point that I would have to look down to make sure I was still in my chair as it felt as if I was levitating. Once the journey began with the attunement, magickal things happened, visions so clear you’d think you were actually physically there, feelings so real you’d think you were physically experiencing them. The attunements are equally amazing as Angela and the courses she teaches. You will not regret taking any courses she has to offer, but you will regret not taking them and going on that spiritual journey and having those amazing, magickal experiences with her attunements! I recommend any and all of Angela’s courses to anyone and everyone who is thinking about taking them. Don’t think about. Just Do It! You will be very happy that you did. Angela and her courses have forever changed my life!


Holly O'Neill   10/31/15





I have taken Crystals courses, and Lemuria courses with Angela!  I have thoroughly enjoyed her classes! They are packed with information. Any questions

And she gets right back to you.

Lizbeth McCauley   9/22/15





Re: Angela Hutcheon

Let me first start off saying Thank you so much Angela! I would like to let others know that I am a very analytical person.

My background is in IT (Micro-Computer electronic Technician) to be exact. Everything I do needs to be explained and understood.

I started my journey trying to understand what is out there, as once I looked at the big picture, I needed to know more. I mean I read articles from Stephen Hawking about black holes, String Theory, Time concept..ect. I think you are getting my mindset now.

The Atlantean Crystal Activation , Crystal Therapy and Healing Training/Crystal Master Teacher, The Atlantis Healing System (all 4 Degrees), Light of Lemuria Reiki and Telos Reiki Healing System, along with numerous Attunements from Angela has blown open my belief system. I have experienced things and seen things that all I can say is WOW!

All the experiences that you will have will definitely alter your way of thinking.

Angela is a very knowledgeable person who cares about her students and even does one on one if they need it. She is always ready with an answer and very pleasant to deal with. She is one of those remarkable people that you sometimes read about but never seem to have in your own circle of friends. I am very humbled to have Angela as an Instructor and even more humbled to call her my friend.


Roger S O'Neill      10/1/15





Re: Catherine W. Dunne

Let me first start off saying Thank you so much Catherine!

Catherine taught me Reiki levels 1-3.

During this time, she was very helpful, insightful and just a database of knowledge.

She is a person who cares about her students. She is always ready with an answer and very pleasant to deal with.

As going through the levels, the Attunements were amazing. The Halo crawl and in particular the energy you can feel. It comes in through your Crown Chakra and you can feel it warm you from the inside coming out. Like your soul is getting filled with love. To best describe it, you prepare to receive your attunement, you can feel it come in through your crown chakra, slowly you can feel it surge through your body, feeling like it is hitting every nerve, as it reaches every limb, every individual fibre of your being, head to toe. It is such an amazing, warming, comforting sensation that envelopes you.

The power symbols, the meaning and knowledge of them and practicing has made me a better person inside and out. I always have wanted to help others and knowing Reiki is one of those things where you can help and feel so good about yourself afterwards.

Catherine is an amazing teacher and her gift to teach is equally amazing. She breaks things down so students can understand. She is available to answer all questions and not only do you get her as a wonderful teacher, but you get to keep her as a life -long friend and mentor as well. I recommend taking Reiki and all other courses Catherine has to offer, you will not regret it. It will be some of the most amazing journey’s you have ever been on with a wonderful teacher/mentor/friend.

Thank you Catherine for sharing this gift.

 Blessed Be!

Roger S O'Neill      10/1/15






Re: Catherine W. Dunne Reiki Level 1 Course.

This course was amazing and the Attunement you could feel the energy which was very powerful.

Thank you Catherine you are an amazing teacher

Angela Hutcheon  10/23/15





Re: Catherine W. Dunne Pendulum/Dowsing Course.

Would like to thank Catherine one her knowledge and experience in using the Pendulum i have learnt a lot form her and been shown the vast uses of a pendulum.

I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to be able to use their pendulums.

Thank you Catherine you are one amazing teacher.

Angela Hutcheon - Spain  9/8/15

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