Giving from the Heart: Take the fear out of Giving and Receiving


Scientific studies show that giving from the heart, without strings attached or expecting something in return, results in the release of hormones such as oxytocin - also known as "the cuddle hormone".

Feelings of connection, gratitude and appreciation, abundance and the ability to give freely, are all associated with the creation and experience of a coherent heart field.

The coherent heart field is central to experiencing health, happiness, personal empowerment and effectiveness, and overall well being.

Science has also found that giving with expectations of getting something in return, such as exchanging money for necessities, products, or services, activates the area of the brain associated with pain, disrupting the heart's energetic field, creating stress and feelings of separation from others.

How to function in a money based economy and maintain the heart-mind connection.

The purpose and mission of Heartcompass Enterprises and this website, Metaphysics For Life, is to create a coherent mind-heart experience and enhance the life of everyone who visits this site, or any of the other Heartcompass Enterprises websites, blogs, newsletters, etc.

Every time I write and build a page for this site, publish a newsletter, post a message, or add a video to the YouTube channel I experience heart-mind coherence, or what I like to call "A Mind With Heart".

This coherent energy is transferred to you through the words and images I publish online. You then take this coherent heart-mind energy with you, creating a positive effect on people you come in contact with while in this coherent state. Scientific research has confirmed this as well.

In this way,  a heart-coherence which is a state of inner peace, intuitive intelligence, and personal effectiveness radiates out into society like a ripple in a pond, creating ongoing and cumulative beneficial effects.

However, we all still live in a money-based economy, and each one of us faces the challenge of creating and maintaining a coherent mind-heart field even as we deal with monetary issues on a daily basis.


Keep your heart open with gratitude.

The pain centers of the brain are triggered if we believe there is a scarcity or lack of money in our lives.

While it may be true that our bank account is low or our wallet is empty, there really is no lack or scarcity of money in this world. 

Creating feelings of gratitude for the money we have now, and for the money that will inevitably arrive in our lives later, keeps the heart open and puts our mind at peace. An open heart and peaceful mind are essential qualities for being open to giving and receiving. 


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