How to have a spiritual awakening?

Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment Guide by Aumvedas©

Instructors: Rev. Angela Hutcheon and Rev. Dr Catherine W Dunne D.D. D.D., WMA, RGMT, RMP, RHP 2 Course Credit

2 Course Credit


Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment Course Objective:

This course is designed for those of you, who have not yet awakened, or have awakened but now are lost and need to find your Spiritual growth, development, and enlightenment path.


The course will become your Spiritual Guide, it will help enlightenment you to open spiritual doors and find new spiritual paths, to move forward on your individual Spiritual Path.


It is our mission, to help awaken and develop your Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment, to find your spiritual self.

Along with the course we will guide you through the phases of Self-Discovery and Self-Awareness.

Life in general has become so busy. It seems that certain devices and social media platforms have “wormed” their ways into our spiritual lives, taken the spiritual part of us over. Any free time we once had, has been filled by electronics of any kind. When was the last time you consciously walked through a park or a garden or along a river/water front? When did you last listen to yourself, or hear nature? When was the last time you heard or took time for your Spiritual self?


• Have you ever asked yourself: Why am I stuck in this rut? Why can’t I move forward?

• Have you lost Faith in yourself and your innate abilities?

• Did you ever find out who that imaginary friend was, you had, when you were a child?

• Have you wanted to find out what your purpose is in this lifetime?

• Have you ever wondered how to quieten that mental chatter, when you are in bed, trying to find some sleep?

• Have you ever wondered how to find your spiritual self or spiritual path?

Table of Contents:


Chapter 1 -- Visualization

Chapter 2 -- Meditation

Chapter 3 -- Walking Meditation

Chapter 4 -- Grounding and Protection

Chapter 5 -- Akashic Library and an Astral Journey Exercise

Chapter 6 -- Understanding the Clairs

Chapter 7 -- The Seven Major Chakras

Chapter 8 -- The Seven Auras

Chapter 9 -- Cleansing and Balancing Your Energy System

Chapter 10 --Totem/Spirit/Power Animals

Chapter 11 -- Spiritual Protection & the Mer-ka-bah

Chapter 12 -- Dream Work

Chapter 13 -- What is Higher Self and How to Connect

Chapter 14 -- Ascended Masters

Chapter 15 -- Angels, Guardian Angels and Archangels

Chapter 16 -- Consciousness

Chapter 17 -- Attunements and Initiations


Grading Scale:

Grades are assigned as follows, based on percentages:

90-100 = A

80-89 = B

70-79 = C

60-69 = D

0-59 = F



Students have twelve weeks to complete this course.  This course is a Fully Accredited Masters Degree Course and comes with certificate once exam questionnaire has been successfully completed. To aid in your Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment and Awakening phase, we also offer a gift of a wonderful, yet powerful Spiritual attunement. You must contact us when you are ready to receive. Details are in the course manual.


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We invite you to take this Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment Journey with us to develop your Spiritual Path.

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