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Please see below for our current Special Offer.

Aumvedas is currently having a special HALF PRICE SALE  ON ALL

of our courses, except for our 3 newest courses.  

Due to the overwhelming response, we have had:  We are EXTENDING our half-price sale. The offer could be taken down at any time so sign up now.


All of our Degree Courses are HALF PRICE.  Our Non-Degree Courses are also HALF PRICE, except for our 3 newest courses.  


You may purchase as many as you would like at this special rate and then take them as you have time.  The savings are significant!

This is an excellent way to pursue and obtain your Bachelor and Master Degrees as well as a Ph.D./Doctorate  in Metaphysics.

We are an Accredited Academy. All certifications and degrees are sent via the postal system and signed by the teachers personally.

All attunements are done individually via messenger or if preferred chi-ball, so that you may call in at your own convenience. 

Enrolling is easy.  Select the course you wish to take. A currency exchange box is at the bottom of the page. Click on the Buy Now button.  This will open up the PayPal Login Page. Once logged in, PayPal will show the correct exchange amount. 


Your transactions are 100 percent secure through https (secure sockets layer) and PCI compliant. We also respect your privacy and will not lease, sell, or otherwise share your personal information.

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