AUMVEDAS ACADEMY - Chakra Assessment with Pendulum - Update

Since my last video on this subject, I, too have learnt more about Chakras and wanted to share this with you.Many already have studied Chakras. And many state the same thing about our Chakras. However, when you read the Hindu Yoga texts about Chakras, so much more starts to makes sense.... at least with me it did.See, for a while, I was confusing myself, scratching my head, about the directional spin of our Chakras AND why it seemed different between genders.In this video, I highlight some facts and hope this will give you more insight. I am also currently working on writing a new Chakra course with all this new additional information, so look out for it later this year.Until then, enjoy the video, including some blunders hahaha. I am Human, after all :-)

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