Dowsing the Chakras in Reiki

Dowsing the Chakras

October 06, 2017

Rev Dr Catherine W Dunne D.D.,RGN, WMA , RGMT, RMP, RHP, Healing Minister, Co-Founder and Teacher at Aumvedas Academy (, is very passionate about Chakras and Pendulum Healing/Divining. In this brief video, she gives insight on how to assess your client's chakras. Catherine also recommends that all energy workers should assess their chakras before attempting any modality of healing. But what are Chakras?

Chakras are the Energy Centres in our body. We have 7 (9) Major and several minor Chakras.

Chakra is a word from the ancient Sanskrit language which roughly translates as ‘wheel’ or ‘disk’. It might help to think of these as the places where the invisible or energetic aspect of your body meets with the visible, physical body itself, allowing a flow of energy to move through you. The Chakras are connected to our Major Organs via our Meridians. Prana or Chi/Life Force, travel along the Merididans, like a train allong its track. When a blockage occures, then energy either slows downs, as it no longer can travel at high speed, or becomes stagnant until the wheels stop turning. With Pendulum Diving, we detect those stagnant energy pools, the blockages. Now, it takes a seasoned Dowser/Diviner to detect these, as it takes a seasoned Reiki/Prana Practitioner, to feel the broken flow of Chi. With the right pendulum and the chakra specific crystals for tool. at this point I would like to popint you to Aumvedas Academy to find courses, relevant to Divine Healing a person (basic Chakra, Pendulum Foundation and Inner Smile by the Dao).

I hope you find this video informative. Thank you.

N.B.please excuse the humming - some kinda feedback in the sound? Click on the link below to view the short video. Dowsing the Chakras

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