Reiki in person Vs Reiki by distance Part 2 of 3

Thank you for coming back to read more about my Reiki experience.

In my last Blog, I spoke about the history of our three Reiki Masters. I hope you enjoyed it.

We have learnt, that only after Madam Takata’s death, did Reiki develop into nearly a secret society, with secret language, with high membership fees - as high as $10.000 US. Despite such fees, people are joining the Reiki Wave, today even more so than ever before.

We have also learnt that Dr Usui sensei, had meditated and the Inspiration came to him.

And, after this occurred, from all those books he had studied, he started to build on those building blocks and “invented” Reiki. Dr Usui sensei, built the foundation of the Reiki we know today, or is it the same Reiki?

Ever since Reiki has been made available by Distant Learning, it has exploded. Everybody wants to become a Reiki Practitioner. So what is bad about this?

On the surface? Probably nothing. Except the World of Reiki are in two halves. Two halves, with two uneven weight distribution. Most Indemnity Insurance Companies will not insure those, taught by e-Learning, yet you can do a Law Degree and this is accepted.

Person to Person initiation Vs Distant learning with Distant Attunements.

Let us start by looking at the Distant Learning version first.

You can google the search engines for online Reiki courses and you will find plenty, including Facebook based schools. Apart from the price structure and offering MP3’s and video links, you read your way through the course. Right? Well… most cases, yes.

Peeps “frog-march” their way from Level one to Masters within a month. Just so that can be called Master. But do these fast track Masters have what it takes to be a sensei??

The majority of these courses work in this fashion.

And then there are online courses, that make you work and study and keep journals and give feedback and sit an exam - in other words: making to gain real experience. Can the Teacher/Master monitor this? NO. The Master relies on their student’s honesty.

Now how about those initiations/attunements? - I hear you ask. Good point.

How did Dr M. Usui Sensei get attuned or initiated to Reiki?

… an INSPIRATIONAL THOUGHT……. Okay, let’s just leave this statement sitting there.

Or can we? Inspirational thought…………. So this is Distant Attunement, is it?

How INSPIRATIONAL thought works, I shall explain in Part three.

So anyways, this inspirational thought led to somewhere. It led Dr Usui sensei to open up a school with beds and start practicing his inspiration and what he had read in books prior to the inspiration. He, in actual fact, combined healing modalities, like a little bit of good old fashioned cosmic healing. (More about this is a later blog).

A building with beds turned into a school of Reiki Teachings. Some of those who received healing, now were taught this skill (Person to Person schooling) - in part payment = a form of Energy Exchange with a donation as fee. This way Dr Usui sensei was passing on his knowledge. But does “passing on”, teaching, demonstrating….. Does this mean INITIATION?

If this was the case, then, when we all went to school, we all got initiated, but to what?????

As far as I am concerned, if Dr Mikao Usui sensei, a married man with 2 children and later a Monk, can receive a Divine Inspirational Thought (Ho’oponopono) and feel the energy move through his body, like a serpent (Kundalini) and draw this energy from the Universe (Daoism), and is now so charged, that when he places his hands on your head (causing the first “domino effect towards self-healing”) and four months later (after daily hands on treatment) you are healed, then DISTANT ATTUNEMENT must work!

Part three coming up soon.

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