Ancient Civilizations

Pleiadians Light Council was formed approx 200,000 years ago this was after the first Great Galactic War. The aftermath of the Galactic War in the Lyra System sent the humanoid Lyrean civilization throughout the Galaxy. This was historically an event that was most dramatic and desperate time for the humanity to date. Many of the Lyrean refugees made their way to the Pleiadian Star Cluster (in layman terms, this cluster is also known as "The Seven Sisters"). The Pleiadian Star Cluster contains over 100 stars and it also spans eight light years away.

Can one connect with the Pleiadians today? Yes.

Very much so, especially when you study the Galactic Counsel,Pleiadian.....

I have established my own connections with the Pleiadians. When I first learnt to make this connection, I was afraid - it's all about the unknown. But it was a pleasant experience and so over time, with more frequent visits, I was able to find and communicate with my own Pleiadian family; and still do.

I have experience only wonderful experiences and have also seen alien type people. Other places I like to visit are Lemuria and Atlantis. Lemuria is the most wonderful place to visit and most mystical. I have met the Priests and Priestesses, have been to the Crystal Healing Room, felt the presence of all who are there at the same time as I am. When I am in Lemuria, I always visit the Elders..... I discuss things with them and they sometimes give me very wise advice on any subject. I am so proud to have found my connections with the Lemurian Citizens.....very special.

Being with these people has opened my eyes to the energies around us and my abilities to work with energy.... and also to the most wonderful experiences that is so amazing to be believed.

In Atlantis I connect with the High Priests and Priestesses, connecting to the Great Crystal and also finding out my connection to the Atlantians.

During the years of researching and connecting to the Pleiadians, Lemurians and Atlantis via meditation, I discovered with each time, that my energies grow and become more and more powerful in using those for healing others. But above all, I get a huge "kick" out of Astral Travel. They just bring me everywhere. I love it. I love being with them.

Do you visit Pleiadia, Lemuria or Atlantis?

I want to hear from you.

Please leave a comment.

Blessings to you all. Angela

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