IS 507 & 508 – Psychic Medium Development

Certificate course (Level 1 & 2)

INSTRUCTOR: Angela Hutcheon  

WMA, RMP, RHP, Master Crystal Healer, Therapist and Teacher

2 Course Credit

What you will learn in this course:


Level 1:


You will learn about the different Clair's

Learn all about what Clair you have and how to develop it further

What is the difference between being a Psychic and a Medium?

Why is it necessary for Psychic Mediums to set up Boundaries?

Grounding and Protection is also another part of doing Spiritual work.

Understanding the necessity to do Grounding Meditation on a regular basis Discovering your Spirit Guides. A Guided Meditation to help you know who your Spirit Guides are.

What is an Empath?

Clearing and Negative Energies

Learn how to deliver a Professional Reading and also how to deal with Grieving Clients.

Learn how to recognize which Guide you have with you and also learning about recognizing Symbols and what they relate to you personally in a reading.

Level 2:



The Ethics Codes of Practice

Law in your particular country of Origin

Insurance for your business

Website Building


Text Book:


No text is required for this course. 



Course Objectives:


Students will learn how to use EFT for both personal and professional uses Students will learn various techniques for applying this process Students will learn to integrate these techniques through use on both self and others.



Students will take an exam: You will need to write out at least no less than 600 words the difference between a Psychic and a Medium.

Grading Scale:


Class is as follows, based on percentages:

90-100 = A

80-89 = B

70-79 = C

60-69 = D

0-59 = F





Students have twelve weeks to complete this course.



Enroll and purchase:


The course inclusive of certification payment via PayPal and the Home Study link will be emailed to you. Please ensure you give your corresponding email address if different from PayPal Account. Your Instructor will email you, offering guidance and support. 

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