Modern Metaphysics: Exploring The True Nature of Reality with Science and Technology


Modern metaphysics is characterized by the use of the scientific method and modern technologies to investigate the Big Questions that could only be answered in the past by philosophical, logical, or theological thoughts and ideas.

Metaphysics is the study or examination of the true nature of reality:

~Who (and what?) are we?
~Where did we come from and how did we get here?
~Is there a Creator (or God)?
~Why are we here? Is there a purpose or meaning to life?




Answering these questions with science and technology would seem difficult, if not impossible. However, the human mind in its neverending quest to understand and find meaning in the experience of life, can and does find a way.

The area of science that best provides answers to modern metaphysics is Quantum Physics. Quantum theory, quantum mechanics, and quantum physics have determined that the true nature of the "physical" Universe is not physical at all. What the mind experiences as physical matter is a result of perception and the meanings given to those perceptions. According to quantum physics, a "thing" does not exist as a physical object unless and until the mind observes it as such.

This leads us to the scientific explorations into mind and consciousness (see video below). Apparently, we humans experience a common physical reality because there may be only one subconscious mind doing the projecting. Therefore, we all share the same subconscious mind, but have unique points of view into and within it. This Universal Mind may or may not be the Zero Point Field detected in scientific experiments. What science and technology can say about this metaphysical aspect of our world is that it exists, and seems to consist of an infinite field of energy and information, and possibly even consciousness.

As science attempts to "prove" the existence of a Creator or "God", the scientific exploration into spirituality and healing is revealing some of the most groundbreaking and mind expanding data and results.

On the cutting edge of this research is The Institute of Heartmath located in Boulder Creek, California. Heartmath has developed and utilizes instruments that can detect and measure the electromagnetic field of the heart. They have also found that the heart has a "brain" of its own, and is capable of sending more information and electromagnetic energy to the body than the brain in our heads. Independent scientists, such as Bruce Lipton, have determined that it is signals from the heart, not the brain, that activate the DNA in our cells telling them how to grow and perform.

Is it possible that modern metaphysics, science and technology, are finally catching up to (and confirming) what the wisest philosophers and spiritual teachers figured out long ago? That the Heart is actually the seat of the subconscious mind, the projector and creator of our physical experience? And that the Heart is also the gateway to the Spirit or Soul, that aspect of ourselves still seemingly beyond the reach of science and technology?

The exploration of the Heart is the cutting edge of modern metaphysics. Learn more by clicking the links below.


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Learn about the metaphysical aspects of your Heart; how it can open the doorway to inspiration, intuition, inner guidance, inner peace, and knowledge or truth. It really is more than just a pump for your blood. The Heart sends signals to every cell in your body, including your brain. Learning how to tap into the strengths of your Heart may be the single most valuable skill you will learn as you explore modern metaphysics!



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As science continues to explore the true nature of physical reality, new subsets of physics - such as quantum theory, quantum mechanics, and quantum physics - arise in an attempt to explain the behavior of matter at subatomic levels.





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Explore and find links to websites for scientists and philosophers (ancient and modern) who have made, and are making, significant contributions to the growing field of metaphysics. I will add new faces to the list when I come across them, so check back once in a while to see what's new.



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