Introducing Aumvedas

The Academy for all areas of the Holistic Health Care System, such as Reiki, Chakra, Aromatherapy, and Spiritual Awareness, Psychic Medium-ship and Divine Awareness and more.


Our Mission

Is to help people by enabling them to have happier and more fulfilling lives and helping them to find their potentiality.  Teach the knowledge on all levels from infancy to maturity and understanding; you will be able to grow further in the area that calls to you and perhaps one day teach your favorite subject.


Our Vision

We would like to help those globally to provide more holistic and innovative education. To provide an affordable education in advanced Metaphysical forms of spirituality. 


Aumvedas is also the Academy for ongoing education and to further enhance your knowledge. Join us and become part of us.

The future starts here:   

                      Be Aumvedas Educated.