Learn How To Create A Mind With Heart

What is A Mind With Heart?

A Mind With Heart is connected to Source, and gives substance to your life experience with Love-based Truth.

What do I mean by "Source", "substance" and "Love-based Truth"?


When you connect to SOURCE you are connecting to Infinite Intelligence, Inner Wisdom, Inner Guidance, the Universe, Your Higher Self, God - yes, I said God.  

All of this is WHO YOU REALLY ARE.

Connecting to Source and knowing Who You Really Are is a personal experience, and that's as it should be.  "To know" is "to go through". When you connect to Source (and I will talk about how in a bit) you will know - personally, first hand - Who You Are and what Source is.  

This is something that can't be shared in words, so you will have to trust me.  Let me share with you (later in this article) how I create A Mind With Heart and experience Who I Really Am, and if the process appeals to you, I hope you will try it for yourself.

"A MIND WITH HEART gives substance to life experience with Love-based Truth"

What is "Love-based Truth"?  And what do I mean by "gives substance to life experience"?

First, Love-based Truth is a QUALITY. 

It is not an idea, a fact, something you can prove or disprove.  Love-based Truth is always "TRUE" and does not change.  Belief, on the other hand, is something that you "think" is true.  Beliefs can change and must be fought for if you want to maintain or hold onto them. Love-based Truth never requires you to work for, fight for, or battle to defend it.  It simply IS.  Once you know a Love-based Truth, this quality will give substance to your life and bring you feelings of inner peace, joy, happiness and well being.

The Human Mind gives substance to our thoughts with feelings.

We perceive physical life experience with our bodily senses - see, hear, taste, touch and smell.  The body receives signals from the environment and transforms them into images that have form and substance in our Mind.

"Form" is what we call "thought" when we speak of using our thoughts to create our reality.  Thought gives FORM - shape, size, etc. - to an object in our physical life experience.

"Substance" is what we call "feeling" when we talk about attracting or manifesting what we are thinking and feeling.  Feeling "fulfills" or gives substance to the shape, size, etc. of the thoughtforms in our physical life experience.

Without feeling we would be unable to sense the forms created in our Mind.  Feeling is vibration.  It is the energy that gives form its color, texture, taste, odor, sound, etc.

You can test this theory for yourself. For example:

The computer, tablet, phone or other device you are using to read this right now appears to be a separate object - outside of "you".  However, if you really think about it, what you are actually experiencing is NOT the device or these words "out there" somewhere.  

What you are actually experiencing is your PERCEPTION of them; thought given substance by feeling. And that can happen in only one place - YOUR MIND.

and Give Substance to your Life with Love-based Truth

Creating A Mind With Heart enables us to direct our attention to specific life experiences, and ask the Heart to give substance to those experiences with Love-based Truth.

Over the years I have used many tools, techniques and processes to attract, heal, manifest, and otherwise influence my physical reality. And most of them had some kind of beneficial effect.

But there is only one I know of that gave me the kind of results that only A Mind With Heart can produce.

Results like: 

  • instant access to inner peace, intuition, inspiration, and general feelings of well being. 

  • changes in thoughts and feelings that lead to improvements in health, relationships, and success in business or at work - without repeating affirmations, hypnosis, or other techniques for "changing beliefs".  

  • instant manifestation, coincidence and synchronicity - people, resources, and events suddenly showing up - all in alignment with Love-based Truth!


I call this process "The Heartcompass LifeNavigation System for Creating A Mind With Heart".

The LifeNavigation System is a simple 7 Step process that goes like this:

  • Step 1 - Awareness:  Metaphysics is a great place to start! Becoming AWARE of how we perceive reality, how we influence it, and the true nature of our physical life experience allows us to gain a perspective that puts us in the driver's seat, and empowers us to start making deep and lasting changes in our lives.

  • Step 2 - Identify False Fear-based Beliefs:  Before we can ask the Heart for Love-based Truth, it's a good idea to identify the fear-based beliefs currently giving substance to stressful or unpleasant life experiences.  To do this, simply ask yourself "what am I feeling?" and "what am I thinking?" about the life experience you want to change.  Write these thoughts down on post-it notes or a sheet of scratch paper.  Writing them down moves activity in the brain from the amygdala (fight or flight response) to the pre-frontal cortex where rational thinking occurs.

  • Step 3 - Create Heart Coherence:  "Heart coherence" is a term coined by the Institute of Heartmath.  The Heart emits an electromagnetic field that extends at least fifteen feet outwards in every direction from the body.  This field sends energy and information to the brain and every cell in the body, as well as into the Earth's global electromagnetic field. When we connect to the Heart with feelings of love, appreciation, gratitude and other positive emotions, this field is able to communicate more effectively with the brain and body, and has a positive influence on other people and our environment.

  • Step 4 - Ask the Heart for the Love-based Truth:  Any time you create Heart coherence you can ask for Love-based Truth. In the LifeNavigation System you want to direct your attention to the false fear-based beliefs you wrote down in Step 2, and ask for the Love-based Truth about those thoughts or beliefs.  This will give you access to Love-based Truth that will deactivate and replace the fear-based beliefs that have been creating - or giving substance to - the life experience you want to change.

  • Step 5 - Listen:  You must take time to listen to your Heart in order to hear the answers it will give you.  The Heart communicates in images and feelings.  Your brain will translate those into words for you.  When you hear the words, write them down on 3x5 index cards, or in a journal - either virtual or physical - and save them. You may not hear the answers right away. They may come to you in a dream. Or you may hear them coming out of the mouths of others, in books, movies, etc.  You will know when you have received a Love-based Truth because it will give substance to your life experience with feelings of inner peace, joy, well being and happiness.

  • Step 6 - Take Action:  Your body is a communication device for your Soul.  Action allows you to send signals and information to your spirit or Soul after you have received inner guidance. After you write down the Love-based Truth you received and save it, take the next step and throw away the post it notes or scratch paper with the fear-based beliefs.  Then, take inspired action! When people, resources and events show up in your life - recognize and acknowledge them. Repeat this process whenever anything shows up that creates feelings of distress.

  • Step 7 - Gratitude:  Gratitude keeps the Heart open and keeps us connected to Source. Always express gratitude for the Love-based Truth, and the life experiences that are given substance in the Mind with feelings of joy, inner peace, and well being. Always express gratitude for the events and people who appear in your life and make you aware of the thoughts in your Mind that are given substance with fear-based beliefs!  Without this AWARENESS you would be unable to focus your attention on them, access your Heart, and replace them with Love-based Truth!


Completing this 7 Step Process will always bring you around to even greater Awareness.  

Increasing your Awareness allows you to direct attention to more areas of your life that you want to change or improve by identifying the fear-based beliefs that give substance to your experiences, and replacing them with Love-based Truth from your Heart.