• We are, accredited for what we are and stand for, by the World Metaphysical Association (WMA) and the Accreditation Council of Holistic Healers (ACHH)

  • Metaphysical degrees are religious in nature and therefore are not accredited. This means the U.S. Department of Education, under U.S. Federal Law, can neither praise, credit, discredit, nor accredit Metaphysical Institutions because of their status of being religious in nature.

  • We are not University Accredited as we are not linked to other Universities.

The truth about accreditation is that it was originally created to allow students to transfer credits between universities. Not to add credibility to universities.


There are other qualities to look for besides Accreditation.

What the accrediting organizations asked us to do would suffocate the roots of the metaphysical tree of conscious knowledge.  If we were to accept the accreditations we've been offered, we would be forced to become a "one size fits all" organization.


We would no longer be able to go above and beyond by teaching you the real, practical, hands-on skills you need to excel in your field of interest. In fact, if we were to accept accreditation, you would be bound intellectually into the same watered-down version taught to the mainstream public, not the hard-core facts, and thought-provoking knowledge taught by some of the world's most sought after thought-leaders.


We refuse to water down the principles and actions that prove to work so we can continue to give you the best experience in your Metaphysics education.