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Home – A client PLR Story by Chris Turner As a QHHT practitioner I was forbidden to conduct Sessions Online, after releasing 14+ books many clients wished to have a session with me but could not afford to travel to me, others could but most could not, this is one of the reasons why I created another way to access spontaneous healing and enlightenment for all my clients “safely” - This book is a transcript of the very first session using my own method of Past Life Regression (PLR) called Regression Healing™ , where a client can attain supreme well being from many different levels of the session. Personally I have witnessed a paralyzed cat get up and walk, I have witnessed ailments like arthritis and cataracts completely vanish after one session and many other mind blowing miracles. To me, this session was particularly profound because prior to it and because of my experience as both QHHT practitioner and x7 client, I was formulating a strange theory, a theory that says there are no Guides or Angels, only the Light in its myriad forms, which is true in a completely holistic sense, However, because my mind attempts to make everything simple and easy to understand, I was coming to this conclusion not only because of what I personally experienced during my own Regression Sessions but also because none of my (almost 200) clients had ever spoke of any Guide(s) or Angel(s). In cases of bereavement the client saw their dearly departed and got a message or two answered. After the sessions asthma had spontaneously vanished in 2 clients, almost confirming that the lungs are affected by “loss” of a Loved one (attachment), which also includes being born and having to leave a Soul partner behind, the chances are we'll be born with asthma if our soul does not let go. During my many sessions, some spoke to only a familiar “greeter” or directly to the “Light” (Source Intelligence as some like to call it), I asked one client if there was a guide there that we could speak to and the Source said quite affirmatively , “She doesn't need a guide!.” This I thought rather unusual because Dolores Cannon mentioned that everyone had them. I myself have had 7 personal QHHT Regression Sessions and never once did I see a Guide or Angel but I did feel a beautiful “presence” every time I looked at something whilst on the other side of Life. The thing is, there I was formulating this wild theory and unknown to me my next client was about to take it all apart and hang it out to dry... This session again proved to me that there is indeed a force that works between us all, it knows my thoughts and feelings and it seems to be able to not only educate all of my clients but it can and does simultaneously answer my own secret contemplation's. I must mention that until this session I had not conducted any sessions over Skype but the idea of being able to reach more people and assist them was becoming very appealing but because I take all clients to a very deep level I was very reluctant to do so, regardless of my hypnosis knowledge. This all changed when I was contacted by a lovely person who seemed to have a special energy, who was more than eager to do an online session with me and looking back it feels as if the Universe itself invited me for a dip into the cosmos, saying, “Come on in, everything will be fine!” I mentioned the implications but then it felt as if the Universe was testing my own Faith, which did indeed make me question my own faith. Do I trust the Source implicitly? So feeling pushed by an invisible force I asked the question, “If it is unsafe, can I make it safe?” I guess the answer was “Yes” because I instantly started getting ideas which were based on my knowledge of hypnosis and started writing them down as safety protocols to add to my own Regression Healing™ method. After I had finished I was certain that my protocols for client protection would work if by some freak event the connection went down mid session so I contacted the person to and thanked them for contacting me and pushing me to get things rolling with regards to me doing Regression Healing Sessions “safely” online. So I dedicate this book to that incredible client for blessing me with not only a very successful 1st Online Regression Healing™ Session but also for the information that they allowed me to share with the world......

On The Heights - by Christian D Larson

Aumvedas Academy $0.00 at Amazon Hardcover $17.91

Excerpt from On the Heights

Walking With God

My God, my Father, I am Thine;
Thy heavenly riches all are mine;
Thy spirit reigns within my heart,
From Thee my soul can not depart.

Wher'er I go, I walk with Thee,
Upon my path, Thou leadest me;
In all my ways Thou art my guide.
For Thou art ever at my side.

I live in Thee, and think Thy thought,
In every deed Thy power is sought,
I consecrate my life to Thee,
And all is ever well with me.

This book is a reproduction of an important historical work. Forgotten Books uses state-of-the-art technology to digitally reconstruct the work, preserving the original format whilst repairing imperfections present in the aged copy. In rare cases, an imperfection in the original, such as a blemish or missing page, may be replicated in our edition. We do, however, repair the vast majority of imperfections successfully; any imperfections that remain are intentionally left to preserve the state of such historical works.

Practical Mental Influences

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Learn how to influence the world around you through the power of your concentration. The powers of your mind can be strengthened and tuned and this book will show you how to do just that. Chapters include The Law of Vibration, Thought Waves, Mental Induction, Mental Concentration, Mental Imaging, Fascination, Hypnotic Influence, Influencing at a Distance, Influencing "En Masse," The Need of the Knowledge, Magic Black and White, Self-Protection.

Angels in Reiki Practice and Life


Article by Haripriya Suraj, Reiki Master

The angels are among my best friends! The love I share with them is pure, sweet, unconditional and comforting.

My connection with the angels began a decade back, when they helped me cope with the passing on of my grandmother and helped remove a lot of fear and dark energy from my environment.

Thereafter, I have communicated with the angels at crucial moments in my life and expressed my deepest feelings to them. Whenever I could not share my feelings with human beings, I called upon these celestial beings and poured my heart out to them. And the best part is they always listened. Not only did they listen, but they also responded with unconditional love by sending help in the form of people or altered circumstances.

The Magick'ly Delicious Kitchen Witch Cookbook


Here you will find some really tasty seasonal recipes 

Be a Lightworker..... all the time


Article by Deborah Lloyd, Reiki Master

Those of us who offer healing energy work may consider ourselves to be lightworkers during those sessions; it is true we bring light and healing to our clients, through the healing energies of Reiki. However, that reality is only part of the picture. To be a lightworker means growing in awareness of the fact that we bring energy (either positive or negative) into the earth all the time, through our thoughts, words, and actions.

Every thought we have creates energy, and this energy influences our own chakra system, as well as the chakra systems of other people. We influence all people, but especially those with whom we have direct contact, or are in close proximity, through our energetic fields.

When we become aware we have brought negative vibrations to others, we have the ability to heal this through Reiki and our intentions. As we live our daily lives more in tune with a higher vibration, it becomes easier to generate positive thoughts. And, when we fall into negativity, we should become aware of it sooner and change the energy.

Cut the Cord


Learn about the various methods used to cut ties and cords of people and memories, preventing you from moving on in your life.

Reiki and Healthcare


In the UK Complementary therapy has come a long way since the House of Lords report in 2000 which placed healing as a complementary therapy in group 2 alongside counselling, reflexology, aromatherapy and massage to name some of the therapies that are commonly used in cancer centres. In 1995 when my youngest son Sam was seven he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. I already knew quite a bit about the complementary therapies available to cancer patients and more importantly I knew how to provide healing as a therapy –it’s very empowering to be able to do something for yourself and your loved one at a challenging time for the whole family..........

My Precious Crystals and Reiki


Excerpt: Sometimes you may feel guided to have a client hold a crystal during a session. This also works great! My Reiki Master gave me a very special stone one time that was made up of Moonstone, Quartz, and Amethyst. Before I learned Reiki I suffered from a lot of fear and anxiety. My Reiki Master had me hold this stone in my hand whenever I started having anxiety and/or fear and it really helped! After I became a Reiki Master I felt guided to share this stone with certain clients. I would send it home with a client who I thought could really use some extra healing and asked them to bring it back in a month’s time. It has gone through a handful of clients this way, each one affirming that holding the stone really helped them to process their feelings and to heal....... 

Adams Heller's Zero Pain Now

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The proven process to become pain-free without drugs, surgery, or physical therapy.

Meditate with Me


Read and study 10+ beautiful Meditation Reiki methods By Haripriya Suraj

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