Taking a course online is fun and easy to do. If you can use a computer to get email then you can use our course management system, known as OneNote. 

OneNote is growing popular as an online classroom software in the world. The whole course is at your fingertips and available 24 hours around the clock.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do Online Home Study Courses work?

Once you have found a course that you are interested in, purchase the course and the pertinent information and course material will be emailed to you.

How long am I given to complete the course?

On average between 6-8 weeks but you can take your time as it is a Home Study Course, or you may join us in the Facebook Classroom.

Are there exams?

Most courses have exam papers, essays, and some courses offer continued assessment with homework sent in to the teacher.

Do I get a certificate?

Yes, once you've completed the course and passed the exam or completion requirements you'll receive a certificate for the course.

What are the requirements for a Bachelor Degree in Metaphysics?

To complete a Bachelor Degree at Aumvedas Academy, students must successfully complete 9 course credits, including Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment Guide, the only required course for all students.

What are the requirements for a Master Degree in Metaphysics?

To complete a Master Degree at Aumvedas Academy, students must successfully complete a total 12 course credits, including Spiritual Growth and Enlightenment Guide, the only required course for all students.

What are the requirements for a Doctorate Degree in Metaphysics?

To complete a Doctorate Degree (PhD) at Aumvedas Academy, students must successfully complete a total of 15 course credits, their Aumvedas Masters Degree, plus a Thesis.

How do I know if online learning is for me?

If you have never taken a distance learning course online and are unsure whether or not online learning is for you, then here are a couple of statements you can consider to help you determine if you have the necessary skills to be a successful online learner: Must be self-reliant and self-motivated Must have good self-discipline Must have basic computer skills The ability to read carefully and to follow written instructions.

How do I access my classes?

Classes are all available through our course management system known as OneNote. When you sign up for your course, you will be emailed a link to give you access to your class-material. We also offer the FB classroom setting.

What are some necessary computer operation skills for the distance learner?

Start up and shut down your computer system and peripheral Identify and use icons, windows and menus Point, click, double-click and click and drag with mouse Use pull-down menus Select, open, move and close a window Start an application and create a document Name, save, retrieve and revise a document Save a document using the save and save as command Use printing options

What are some necessary Internet skills for the distance learner?

  • Connect to the Internet through an Internet Service Provider
  • Use e-mail
  • Access and use resources on the World Wide Web
  • Navigate to a specific Web site
  • Download materials from the internet

What type of computer equipment do I need for online learning?

OneNote works well in all standard, modern browsers and different operating systems. As with any web based application, you should be aware of your audience, their typical bandwidth and web browsers. You may also require additional plugins (Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash, etc.), depending on the resources that your instructor uses. You will likely need to have Skype downloaded and camera on your computer depending on the course. Facebook/Messenger is also an option to converse with your Tutor.

How fast does my Internet Connection need to be?

An internet connection with a minimum of a 56K modem connection required to access the online course material.

Do I need special software?

  • Anti-virus software
  • An installed anti-virus program on the computer(s) that you use for your Internet courses that has been configured to scan e-mails (both sending and receiving) and scan any fixed or removable storage device on your computer is recommended.

Where do I take my tests for an online learning course?

The majority of our courses are done in a classroom setting on a social media platform, currently Facebook, or you can simply download and study at your own pace and via email.

What form of payment is accepted for a course?

We accept PayPal. Click on the Buy Now button. This will open up the PayPal Login Page. Once logged in, PayPal will show the correct exchange amount.

Is my payment secure?

We accept PayPal. Your transactions are 100 percent secure through https (secure sockets layer) and PCI compliant. We also respect your privacy and will not lease, sell, or otherwise share your personal information.

Can I purchase more than one course at a time?

Yes, you may purchase several courses (as many as you want) at one time and take them as you have time. Many do this when we run a sale as the savings are significant.

Why should I take classes through Aumvedas Academy?

At Aumvedas, you have two options for studying. You may study on your own at your own pace or you may choose to study in our Facebook Classroom setting. With either choice our teachers are available for one on one help.

Should you have any other questions not addressed here, please do not hesitate to contact us: info @aumvedas.net