Five Animals do the Six Healing Sounds

Inner Meaning of Five Phase Cycles

As taught by Grand Master Mantak Chia and Michael Winn

Instructor: Catherine W Dunne

Rev. Dr., RGMT, WMA, RMP

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Let’s go to the next level of our training, after the Inner Smile. We will now learn the Five Animals Play. This particular form I call Five Animals Do the Six Healing Sounds. This is my integration of two of the oldest forms of qigong in China, the Five Animals and Six Healing Breaths (or in modern times, “sounds”). Aspects of both qigong forms were found inscribed on silk fragments in the famous Mawangdui tomb discovery, dated to 216 bc.


In these silk fragments, the animals and their sounds were clearly being used for medical purposes. The five animals were originally probably a kind of a shamanic dance, a way of getting in touch with animal spirits for self-healing and empowerment. They believed these animal spirits could connect you to the underworld and the supernatural world. If you could harness them, you could be healed or gain insight and magical powers from the unseen world.


The five animals evolved within Taoist (pronounced and spelled “Daoist” by modern Chinese scholars) culture to represent the spirits or the intelligence (jing shen) of the five major human vital organs. This is the human expression of the Five Elements, found throughout every culture in the ancient world as the four sacred directions and the center.


Because people wrongly confuse “element” with a physical object, “Five Phases” is the more accurate translation preferred by modern scholars. The five phases represent the flow of the unified chi field as the cycles of nature and its seasons. This chi also flows in five-phase cycles inside our human body. The human body’s five major vital organs are where the human underworld is actually hidden – right inside our body. The underworld is not in some abstract dimension of our psyche. Our shadow side is right here if we know where to look for it and how to engage it.



Shamanic Power Animals Live Inside Human Body:

The evolution of spiritual training in ancient China was marked, I believe, by the absorption of shamanic powers and techniques into a more advanced, all-inclusive alchemical science. The wisdom of the Taoist alchemists was that the entire universe, in its essential form, is contained within our human animal body.

They realized, wean stop chasing after ourselves outside of ourselves. It is all right here, under our very nose. So the shamanic journey into “other realms” evolved into the Taoist notion of an expanded energy body. The journey became increasingly internalized. You don’t need to travel to get to the underworld; you carry it around with you right inside your body.

With the Five Animals, we are really exploring the mystery of the body, and in particular the mystery of our vital organ spirits, our own internal animal spirits with magical powers. The six healing sounds are a way of communicating with particular frequencies of chi in each organ, and the spirit of each one of our internal animals, Don’t get excited about the minor discrepancy between the five and the six, I will explain that later.


Human Subconscious Hidden in our Animal Nature:

What is important is that humans accept they are animals. We have animal bodies, one of the things that the Genome Project has verified. They mapped out the human gene code. What did they find out? Our human genetic code is pretty close to that of mice, just a couple of genes different, max three percent difference. It’s even less in chimpanzees, about 1.5% difference. This doesn’t mean human minds and animal minds are identical, but they’re certainly likely to have some major overlap as well. Why else would people love their pets so dearly, unless they could sense a certain recognition, feel a connection with a fellow mammal?

This genetic evidence reminds us, even forces us, to face the sobering reality that as spiritual seekers we tend to forget: humans are still animals, could it be that is what we are here to do – resolve the tension between our animal and spiritual self? Unless we get in touch and understand and communicate with the animal level of ourselves, our animal self is not going to change consciously, it will not achieve self-completion. We can do all kinds of things to change our human intellectual and emotional mind state, we can meditate on the divine, but will it penetrate to the level of our animal intelligence?

I think it is why we are mostly in the dark about changing ourselves. It’s why we are constantly wondering why our life is unfolding with so much struggle. Our body intelligence is the source of much of the mysterious resistance creating that struggle. That resistance arises from our not including our animal intelligence in our human identity.

We, humans, are proud of how quickly we sometimes are able to change our head brain and its belief system; it is part of the arrogance of the information age. We are slowly learning a little bit about managing our heart brain, which is still confused by emotions. But we moderns are totally in the dark when it comes to the instinctual belly brain and the five vital organ intelligence that are the functional rulers of our animal self.



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Chinese Chi Cycle

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