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Wicca for Couples

Chapter 1: The Foundation of Our Fertility Religion: Love—It’s Not Just a Good Idea, It’s the Law!
Chapter 2: The Sterilization of Our Fertility Religion, and the Witch War of 1971
Chapter 3: Coven vs. Couple: Public and Semi-public Organizations
Chapter 4: Wiccan Leaders: Guru, Clergy, or Couple? 
Chapter 5: How Much Is That Goddess in the Window: Archetype or Stereotype?
Chapter 6: The Magickal Child: Wiccan Rituals vs. Real Life
Chapter 7: Handfasting and the Couple’s Book of Shadows

Smudging - What is it and How to...


  • Vermouth, Celery Seed, Cinnamon

  • Red Resin, Aloe 

  • Myrrh, Saffron, Labdanum, Nutmeg, Bay leaf, Cedar

  • Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Sandalwood 

  • Mistletoe, Mandrake, Bay Leaf, Nightshade 

  • Sage, Eucalyptus 

  • Cinnamon, Lavender 

  • Bay leaf, Cinnamon, Myrrh 

  • Rose, Jasmine, Patchouli, Musk 

  • Labdanum, Myrrh, Frankincense, Cedar 

  • St. John's Wort, Garlic 

  • Lavender, Sandalwood, Mistletoe, Violet Roots 

  • Verbena, Lotus, Peppermint

  • Myrrh, Hyssop, Lily 

Adventures of the Soul, by van Praagh

PART I: What Is the Soul?

PART II: The Soul’s Home

PART III: How the Soul Lives in the Physical

The Emotional Lives of Animals

It is very difficult to answer the question, “What are emotions?” Most
of us know emotions when we see them but find it difficult to define
them. Are they physical, mental, or both? As a scientist, I feel safe saying
that emotions are psychological phenomena that help in behavioral
management and control; they are phenomena that emote us, that make
us move. A distinction is often made between “emotional responses” to
physical reactions and “feelings” that arise from thoughts. Emotional
responses show that the body is responding to certain external stimuli.
For example, we see an oncoming car about to hit us and we feel fear—
increasing our heart rate, blood pressure, and body temperature. But actually,
the fear isn’t felt until the brain responds to the physiological
changes that were a reaction to seeing the oncoming car.
Feelings, on the other hand, are psychological phenomena......

Simple Raw Food Recipes

This recipe book contains 101 simple raw food recipes that are extremely easy
to prepare. All the ingredients are easy to find at any supermarket and you don’t
need any special equipment.

Added Water
Raw foods are extremely water rich, and therefore when making soups and
smoothies I seldom add extra water. When extra water has been used in a recipe
the quantity to use is always stated. However, if you DO prefer a more water y soup
or a thinner smoothie then you can cer tainly add water to any of these recipes.
We never add salt to any of our food. None of these recipes was made with added
However, we do use some seaweed and olives, as you’ll notice.
If you prefer not to use any seaweed you can substitute this with lettuce leaves or
other leaves as appropriate.
The sundried........

Black Panther - Shamanic

Power Animal, Symbol of Astral Travel, Feminine Energy, Death and Rebirth

The name panther is frequently linked with a certain species of leopard or jaguar and sometimes the cougar. Black panthers are smaller but more fierce than lions and tigers. They are also brilliant swimmers and agile climbers. Because they have the ability to sprint with great speed, they hold the teachings of quick
decisive action. Panthers are not the best long distant runners though, so those with this power animal should take part in movement therapies that improve endurance, e.g. swimming, martial arts. It is necessary to learn how to pace oneself, to not push to fast or hard on any one task. .....

Guide to Self Healing

Section 1 - What makes us ill?
Section 2 - What makes us well?
Section 3 - What is the energy we refer to?
Section 4 - What are we made of?
Section 5 - Treating the source of problems
Section 6 - Relaxation.
Section 7 - Creating your own space
Section 8 - Visualisation for healing
Section 9 - Meditation
Section 10 - Positive thinking
Section 11 - Using your mind
Section 12 - Using your senses.
Section 13 - Sound and music
Section 14 - Colour
Section 15 - Light
Section 16 - Crystals
Section 17 - The clothes you wear
Section 18 - Using your environment
Section 19 - Keeping a diary
Section 20 - Further Reading
Section 21 - Organisations to contact
Section 22 - Bibliography
Section 23 - How to contact Gentle Touch Healing

Section 23 - Aims of Gentle Touch Healing

Doreen Virtue Crystal Children

Crystal Children are the new generation that has come to the Earth plane after the Indigo Children. They are approximately ages newborn through five, although some members of the first wave of Crystal Children are as old as seven. These kids are like Indigos - highly psychic and sensitive - but without the dark edge and the anger energy. Crystal Children are beautiful inside and out - one look in their eyes and you can see Divine love and wisdom. Their auras are bright, radiant, and opalescent - they seem to glow from the inside! They talk about past lives, distant galaxies, and profound insights concerning peace and love. This book covers many issues that affect these special kids (such as healing abilities, connections to nature, eating habits, and so on) and also includes interviews with the Crystal Children themselves and their parents and teachers. It points out ways to keep these kids happy and healthy, and how to avoid the pitfalls that could spoil their special gifts.....

Crystal Reference Guide for Disorders

This is a quick reference to match ailments with crystals. Please note any warning and safety issues regarding their use.

Here you will find a list of discrders and which crystal works the best.

Elvan Races - Messengers of the Spirit

......they are the least numerous of the Three Kindred, the Vanyar are the
most wise and valiant.
With the Noldor they built the city of Tirion on the green hills of Túna. The
tallest of the towers of all the Elves was Mindon Eldalieva, the Tower of
Ingwe. From this Tower shone a silver Lamp over the Shadowy Seas, but after
a time the Vanyar came to love the Light of the Trees still more, for it
inspired them to compose songs and poetry which are their chief loves.
Thus Ingwë led his people out of Tirion to the foot of Taniquetil, the
Mountain of Manwë, the High Lord of the Valar.
Here under the Light of the Trees they pledged to.......

Cosmic Light Energies Empowerment

This is a visual attunement to inspired art meditations….There are a few
guiding key words….on each painting….however these are guides….You may
be inspired in different ways….
Please take some time to enjoy the energies…colours…and sacred geometries
within the language of each piece…..We are opening up to universal and
cosmic enery here….ensure to keep your thoughts uplifted to these
Know you are communicated with at this level….in a number of ways….Open
now….to the Multiversal Language of Imagery within the manual….Enjoy

An Introduction to Crystals and Healing Stones

Getting to know your crystal
One of the quickest and easiest ways to get to know your crystal is meditate with it. Try this out.
Find a quiet comfortable spot somewhere where you won’t be disturbed and sit down and relax with your crystal. Take a few deep breaths.
On the in-breath, visualize white light entering your body, refreshing and recharging you. Hold each breath for a moment and experience the fullness of your being. On the out breath, release any tensions or negative feelings you may be carrying.
Take your crystal in your receptive hand (for most people it's the left one) and hold it close to your heart. Now allow yourself to feel light, aware and loving. Direct those feelings into your crystal and ask it to release its healing energy, love, light and insight to you.
When you are ready to end the meditation; become aware of your physical body and surroundings.......

Ocean Breeze Empowerment

The Ocean Breeze Empowerment is a cleansing energy of
renewal. The breeze is peaceful, calm, and refreshing.
The breeze washes away accumulated psychic debris…the
negative picks of the day.

Fairy Realms Reiki

Fairy Realms Reiki is a form of Reiki that is geared towards healing of the natural
environment, healing with help from the natural environment, and to connect with
nature spirits and fairies. It is highly recommended that some form of instruction in
traditional Reiki be taken or studied to have a better understanding of Reiki and its
principles. I know, though, that there are plenty of intuitive people out there that will
take this knowledge and make it their own with their own style without ever
studying formalized Reiki.
The colors associated with Fairy Realms Reiki are Green and Brown.

3 Levels

Nine Witches of Brittany Attunement

Ile de Sein, Brittany
Just south of Cornwall, across the water known as the English
Channel, lies the land of Brittany. A place with a great dark forest
called Broceliande in the Arthurian legends, and rocky coasts, and
bleak moors haunted by goblins, and standing stones, and beautiful
golden-haired mermaids who carried men off to be their lovers......

Machu Picchu Attunement

The attunements in this category can be used as Reiki. Example to use the Machu Picchu
energy as hands on healing, just think "Machu Pichu" instead of Reiki to start the energy
You can also use them to create energy tools, like those described in the Tachyon
manual. Here you would just replace the word "Tachyon" with the appropriate energy,
example "Machu Picchu".
Additionally it is possible to pass these attunements on, as you would pass on Kundalini
Reiki, Tachyon or any of the other attunements. (I recommend having completed at least
Tachyon 2008 and Kundalini Reiki 1 before taking one of these attunements to get the
full benefit, but it's though not a requirement.) Ole Gabrielsen

Fairies of the Sea Attunement

Fairies of the Sea are found near oceans and seas. They aid us in creating positive magic aligned with our highest good. If you live near the ocean or sea, and have felt drawn to the water for healing, you may have already seen these fairies as sparks of Light on waves. ....

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