Chakra System (Anodea Judith)

LECTURER: Madame Catherine W Dunne

18th Degree RGMT, Master Chakra Practitioner, WMA, RMP

Course - Credits: 1

Course Objective:

Session 1: Invitation To The Chakra Journey

Here's your invitation to a journey to unite your mind and body with the spiritual realm.

Think of The Chakra System as a map for your journey through life. On this journey, you will

learn how to align your inner chakras with the world around you.


Session 2: The Psychology Of Inner Space

Each chakra vibrates at a different frequency. In this session, you will learn about the

unique vibration of each of the 7 chakras as well as the colors that correlate to each


Session 3: Finding Your Ground

This session will start with the 1st chakra, the root chakra, which provides the foundation

for the journey of life through the physical body. The guided exercise on the 1st chakra will

help you focus on your inner-body and building roots with the earth.

Guided Exercise On The 1st Chakra

In this exercise, you will be focusing on your foundation, understanding the power of the 1st

chakra. You can change your life by looking at the wisdom in your 1st chakra and seeing

where you may be blocked or held back by beliefs tied to family loyalty or expectations, that

may not serve your highest good.

Session 4: Flowing With Pleasure

The 2nd chakra is about moving from the self to the other. You will learn how to become

fluid with change and explore your desires. In the guided meditation on the 2nd chakra, you

will open your awareness and feel alive.

Guided Exercise On The 2nd Chakra

Here you will learn more about the 2nd chakra which is the center of feeling, emotion,

pleasure, sensuality, intimacy, and connection.

Session 5: Igniting Your Body

By opening the 3rd chakra you will ignite your passion, energy, and vitality. This is an

exciting chakra that will guide you towards the heavens and raise your energy upward. In

the guided exercise, you will visualize fire burning in your body and feel your cells energized

and ready to go.

Guided Exercise On The 3rd Chakra

The gift of this chakra is sensing your personal power, being confident, responsible and

reliable. The 3rd chakra is the center of your self-esteem, your willpower, self-discipline,

as well as warmth in your personality.

Session 6: Opening To Love

The 4th chakra is located in the exact center of the 7 chakras and balances the upper and

lower chakras. This chakra focuses on intimacy that we feel for ourselves and others. Feel

your heart expand and become one with your heartbeat as you are guided through an

exercise on the 4th chakra.

Guided Exercise On The 4th Chakra

This chakra is the wellspring of love, warmth, compassion, and joy that is located at the heart

center. It is the center of your deep bonds with other beings, your sense of caring and

compassion, your feelings of self-love, altruism, generosity, kindness, and respect. The 4th

chakra brings wholeness – as such, it is your healing center. Indeed, most spiritual traditions

recognize love as the ultimate healing force.

Session 7: Resonating With Truth

The task of the 5th chakra is to not only open the realms of communication but to be in

resonance with the vibrations that surround you. Take a moment to listen to your inner

voice and resonate with your inherent truth.

Guided Exercise On The 5th Chakra

The gift of this chakra is accepting your originality, expressing your authentic voice and

speaking your truth. The energy of this chakra allows you to seek knowledge that is true,

beyond limitations of time and space, beyond cultural and family conditioning.

Lesson 8: Seeing The Big Picture

The 6th chakra focuses on intuition, inner vision, and dreams. Located in the forehead, this

chakra is oriented to inner sight and recognizing patterns and information that enters our

vision. The guided exercise in this session is a healing session that will surround your body

and mind in a prism of light.

Guided Exercise On The 6th Chakra

The gift of this chakra is seeing - both inner and outer worlds. The energy of this chakra

allows us to experience clear thought as well as gifts of spiritual contemplation and self-


Lesson 9: Divine Mystery Of Consciousness

The 7th chakra focuses on thinking and perceiving everything we do. By focusing our

attention on thought, we embrace our own consciousness. It is consciousness that does the

thinking and thoughts are its products.

Guided Exercise On The 7th Chakra

The energy of this chakra allows us to experience mystical oneness with everyone and

everything in nature. There is no intellectual knowing at the level of 7th chakra, but there

is serenity, joy and deep peace about life. You have a sense of knowing that there is a

deeper meaning of life and that there is an order that underlies all of existence.

Lesson 10: The Return Home

Now that you have opened each of the 7 chakras, it is time to put everything together. The

chakras are unified and at all times, almost all of your chakras are active and functioning.

Learn how to have all your chakras working together and activate each one starting

from the 7th chakra down to the 1st.

Lesson 11: Chakra Practice: Introduction

This last session will teach you how to stimulate and activate each of your chakras with

short exercises. You can use any of these exercises when you feel like your chakras are weak

or not in sync.

Chakra Practice: 1st Chakra

In this meditation, you focus on stimulating and connecting with the power of your 1st

chakra. You make a bridge between the spiritual part of this chakra and physical part of

the body which this chakra represents. Through shallow breathing and entering a pose

which helps activate the 1st chakra, you focus on feeling the full power of it.

Chakra Practice: 2nd Chakra

In this meditation, you focus on stimulating your 2nd chakra, which represents your

connection and ability to accept others and new experiences. Through breathing and

entering into a pose which triggers your lower abdomen, you feel sense of abundance,

well-being, pleasure and sexuality.

Chakra Practice: 3rd Chakra

This meditation moves you from a relaxing mode to a state of control. You learn how to be

more confident and in-control of your life. The pose from this meditation will trigger your

upper abdomen. As a result, you begin to feel higher levels of self-worth, self-confidence

and self-esteem.



Chakra Practice: 4th Chakra

This meditation involves the center of your chest just above your heart and helps you feel in

touch with your ability to love. As you follow the instructions, you feel loved and see your

ability to love increase, together with the sense of joy and inner peace.



Chakra Practice: 5th Chakra

This meditation focuses on your 5th chakra. This chakra is located in your throat area, and

it's purpose is to increase your ability to communicate. As a result of clearing and balancing

this chakra, your self-expression becomes more powerful and your ability to tell and

accept the truth will also improve.

Chakra Practice: 6th Chakra

This meditation focuses on 6th chakra. This chakra, also known as the brow chakra, is

located on your forehead between your eyes. This chakra helps with your ability to focus

and see the big picture. Results of connecting with your 6th chakra and stimulating it will

sharpen your intuition and increase your imaginative strength and wisdom. It will help

you with your ability to think and make better decisions.



Chakra Practice: 7th Chakra

In this meditation, you focus on the 7th chakra, which is responsible for your ability to be

fully connected spiritually. This chakra is on the very top of your head, and practicing this

meditation will guide you to get in touch with it. When you awaken and connect with this

chakra you will experience your inner and outer beauty, and you will be able to reach pure bliss.

Grading Scale:

Grades are assigned as follows, based on percentages:

90-100 = A

80-89 = B

70-79 = C

60-69 = D

0-59 = F


Students have twelve weeks to complete this course.

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