Start applying basic metaphysics to your life with meditation, remote viewing, and connecting your heart and mind.


Applying basic metaphysics to your personal life can be a simple as daily meditation, as complex as remote viewing and influencing, and everything in between.


Daily meditation is a process we can use to help us get to know what is in our own mind. This is the first step to developing conscious awareness, and it is the foundation for any effective personal transformation practice.


Remote viewing and influencing is a process that allows your conscious awareness to move beyond the limits of the five physical senses of the body. With remote viewing you can move your awareness to different zero points in the zero point field that is the fabric of our universe.

This allows you to view probable futures and select new thoughts and feelings to influence your outcomes.

You can also apply metaphysics to your life with:



At the core of all of these techniques, if they are to be effective in applying metaphysics to your real life, is the ability to connect your mind and your heart.


Your mind is the space-time that contains all the thoughts, feelings, ideas and images that make up your physical life experience. Your heart is your connection to who you really are. 


Connecting heart and mind allows you to access your soul (the perfect blueprint for your life) and shine the light of spirit (one of your true qualities) into your mind.

Connecting heart and mind is the path to enlightenment. Enlightnment is the path to inner peace, personal empowerment, and experiencing the life your heart truly desires.

Creating a mind with heart is one of the easiest and most effective ways to start applying basic metaphysics to your life today. 

Metaphyiscs is the exploration of the nature of reality and who we really are. Applying that knowledge to your daily life is the secret to true success! 

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