We met when we were teaching in another school. We hit it off right away and started discussing opening our own academy to share our knowledge in the field of metaphysics with others to help them discover their spiritual path and move forward.

During that time we each wrote courses to share our knowledge and teach. We both had our own expertise in different fields and some the same.


Starting Aumvedas Academy we recognized the fact that we did not want to create a traditional school as it would stunt the growth of our students.


We have many years of expertise each in our different fields of Metaphysics and hence came together as one. We think alike and have always stayed true to our belief that running the school to help others is what we want to do.

Aumvedas was formed by us, a dedicated group of educators with a vision for a new kind of Academy. An Academy that encompassed more than academics, that develops in each student a strong sense of personal ethics, conviction, and purpose.   


Accomplishment is instilled in each student by the basic tools of study not just to “get by” but to learn. 


We realize that choosing a career is a complex task that should not be taken lightly. Many of the students in the healing arts are older students searching for a meaningful career.


Word of mouth is the best form of flattery and a great way to spread the word about us. Please tell your friends about us and good luck with your new caring career!