Aumvedas is The Academy To Intensify Your Spirituality & Advance Your Connection To Yourself & The World.

Aum is the 6th Chakra Bija Mantra and Vedas is from ancient Sanskrit, which means Knowledge.

Aumvedas, an Academy For Your Soul.

Awaken Your Spirit through knowledge, answers, and in-depth wisdom from our spiritual teachers, healers, and experts.

Aumvedas drives educational transformation for all ages and teaches you to deeply connect to yourself and start your path towards self-discovery, so you can fully live as a dual being of body and spirit, serving your purpose as one.


Aumvedas is about Sharing the Knowledge

At Aumvedas you can step into a real-learning classroom through the platform of Facebook and interact directly with the best thought-leaders. You can also opt to stay with Home Study Programs to learn from the comfort of your own home and at a time that is more suitable for you.

You'll explore the depths of consciousness, discover new ways of healing and TEACH US things we don't know. 


At Aumvedas, as in the real world of consciousness, we are all students & and we are ALL teachers—burning with passion, craving knowledge, and desire to create our own theories to change the world. 

Instead of becoming a "one – size – fits – all" organization and telling you "this is true", we let you decide for yourself: 

What is true?   What is theory?   And what can you do to shed NEW light on your field and forward consciousness? 


Welcome to Aumvedas. Welcome to the new YOU.

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How to Study New Era Metaphysics

In other words, is it even possible to study metaphysics?

Yes, it is possible to study metaphysics, and the knowledge you gain will have a huge positive impact on your life!

Metaphysics, New Age, Neo Metaphysics, New Era Metaphysics, no matter what you call it is still The Science Of Everything.

Learning how to study metaphysics is a process of ever-expanding consciousness and self-awareness.  Although we might begin by reading books and listening to lectures, ultimately we must turn to our own personal life experience and perceptions to understand how our mind works, and what the nature of physical reality truly is.

​Metaphysics IS the study of the nature of reality.  It is the process by which we come to an understanding of how things work, and from that understanding make choices about what we want to think, feel and do to make the most of our own experience of life and the world.


Metaphysics is a science.  To study it we must do more than read books and listen to what others have to say about it.  More...